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with the ever expanding and dynamic industry of interior decoration, there have been really few mammoth companies who have been living upto the mark and shades has been one of those. Providing with one of the finest qualities since over a decade now, shades has been really competent with their price list too. It is their constant endeavour to strive for improvement in quality and service and customer satisfaction has been on top of their priority list.

Shades laid a very solid foundation from last 15 years, all it has seen is escalation up the ladder in terms of client records and a lot more crisp, consolidate and to the point approach of it's owner is that cherry on top of the cake. Right from adding an innovative approach of customization to interior decoration to banking on break throughs like 3D flooring, shades is one of the leading giants in the world of elegant and fancy homes.

Shades has always believed in embracing one's inner artist and letting one's inner imagination run riot with all thise ingredients that will let your taste buds fetch daunting heights of ecstacy and satisfaction.

Bajaj Finance Available

Manufactures of Customize Product

Wall Papers

Nostaglios fox elegance icd orignal style to recreate this classic extravaganza that derves



With a perfect blend of versatility and contrast, murals have never been out of fashion.


Wall Decals

Inspiratin for our unique art of wall decals incorporation which is going to form the basis


Curtain & Blind

Curtain & Blind have been used in the decoration industry for over a decade


Wall Paintings

Evolved from the best and suits every moods , one of the most dynamic solution to curve a niche into


3D Flooring

Just an artist strives into blend subtle hues from a pallate, an interior designer looks for harmony of color



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